How to use MOVE Tool

How to use MOVE Tool in Photoshop | All You should Know

How to use MOVE Tool

What are happening guys? it’s Snehesh Dutta. Welcome back to a different Photoshop tutorial, where I will show you guys how to use MOVE Tool in Adobe Photoshop CC. Once we click on file and place embedded and let me place any image like this image press and hold alt as I told you we will resize the image proportionally and once we have resized now press Enter then move it anywhere.

So with the move tool, we can move the layer in order that is named layer then file a place embedded like this one also I will be able to place and see if I press and hold alt and resize the image then press Enter now I can move it anywhere.

How to use MOVE Tool

How to use MOVE Tool in Photoshop?

So if we move the tool we will select the objects to select the precise layer and that we can move anywhere again. so in this video also I explained the choices of the move tool like we can see we will move. here you’ll see short transform control like if we would like to resize this image in the future.

therefore, the transform control we can click here and transform control will appear then press and hold alt we can resize the image. you’ll see I can select any layer if auto select is disabled here so like immediately this layer is chosen. if I move this layer it will move but if I move my mouse here on this car image you’ll see this is often not selecting and still the girl layer is moving why because in layers panels.
you see the girl layer is chosen if I select this car layer now I can move the car layer or maybe I can resize because show transform control is enabled.

so what we can do for this thing we will check this option auto select so the auto select option should check now you’ll select any object without a selection of the layer from the layers panel and you ‘ll easily move in your document any object any layer in order that is named Auto Select and show transform control.

I hope you’ve got learned about the move tool during this video and that we will proceed with our other tools like rectangular marquee tool in the next video many thanks considerably for reading this article.

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