Dutta Studio


Duttastudio was founded on the day of Saraswati Puja in 1989. It is a photography studio in Asansol, established by Mr.Swapan Kr Dutta.
The main motto of this studio is to serve the best quality photography service in the area. We know that the tools matter but what more matters are the photographs. Wedding, engagement, bridal showers, corporate events, birthdays, or any other special occasion – we’re here to save the memory for you. Photography is a language that is not spoken, the visuals speak for themselves. That’s why photography is nothing but the language, where the medium is light and shadow. The lights filled with our emotions called pictures, that words fail to express. A photograph restores the forgotten memories and brings back strong fillings. This is what DuttaStudio wants to deliver. That’s why we say our data is light.

History Of DuttaStudio


Mr. Swapan Kumar Dutta, owner of duttastudio, Is one of the best photographers in Asansol.
He is in this field for more than 40 years. That’s why this man has the perfect bonding with a camera from the starting of digital photography. He has specialized in capturing all the special and magical moments of the most special events of life. During his career, he has covered more than 10,000 events himself. At his early age, he worked as a Kodak retailer partner and for other studios. Later with lots of struggle, he established his own photography studio. Still, now DuttaStudio has served almost 100,000 customers. For me, he is the best photographer in my life.

Author Of Duttastudio.Com


Hi, myself Snehesh Dutta. I am a student. Currently, I am creating the contents for duttastudio.com, hope you will love these. Nowadays I am providing tutorials on Adobe Photoshop and other editing software through our website and YouTube channel. If you are interested in designing and photo editing you must have a look at our contents. I hope you will found this helpful. If you want to contact me or you have any questions please feel free to ask your queries.

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