Werewolf edit in Photoshop | Photoshop Manipulation

Through this complete tutorial, I will explain to you how you can edit a werewolf photo like this. As you know all of my tutorials for beginners friendly as I have recently provided you one beginner course for Photoshop CC which you can able to receive from our YouTube channel for completely free. If you want the course from here you can always click here to go to the course page.

Now coming to the werewolf edit I have used several overlays of different types of brushes and werewolf and a moon photo to do this editing. If you want to download all of this the link is provided in the video description and as well as at the below of this post.

Follow these steps to create this manipulation :

1. Now first come first you must have to imagine how your image will look at the ending. So that you can follow a path that will direct you towards your destination.

Werewolf edit in Photoshop

2. As you can see at first I have created the atmosphere by creating the land with the help of paint and creating the sky with the solid color adjustment layer. Then I have created one layer mark and filled black in the middle with the help of a soft brush tool.

3. Now you can see I have added the moon and the Werewolf in the scenario and trying to add some fog with the help of the fog brush.

Photoshop Manipulation

4. Now I have added one red eye overlay upon the eye of the werewolf so it looks nice. And also added some extra fog into the environment.

Werewolf edit in Photoshop

5. Now it’s time to make the environment more realistic and cool.and after that I have added some grass with the help of grass brush.you can follow my video tutorial how I have added the grass on the land.

Now it’s your time how to implement this edit as per your skill. I have already provided all of the download links in the description you can download the PSD file to continue with my art. And don’t follow to tag me in Instagram with your art as @duttastudioofficial

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