Love Birds in Photoshop

Love Birds Editing in Photoshop

In this complete tutorial, I’m going to explain to you how we can edit a photo like this. Through this complete tutorial, I have several types of overlays, brushes, and some other illustrations.
The downloading link for each and everything in my video description as well as in the below of this blog post. you can also find the project file or Photoshop document file below of this post.

Process to edit Love birds in graphics

  1. At first, we have to make the environment in Photoshop for that reason I have created one red solid color adjustment layer.
  2. Then I have created another black solid color adjustment layer and masked out the center of the tip to create a beautiful effect.
  3. Now it’s time for adding the moon to our picture. Here I have used in the moon PNG file, you can find that file from the blow-of this post or from the PSD file.
  4. Next, I have taken a blank layer and field with a yellow color over the moon and change its blending mode to multiply.
  5. Now it’s the time to add the branches into our picture.
  6. After adding the branches select the branches with the magic wand tool for which we can easily select the area having the same colors.
  7. Now I feel that area with black ok which will get a very good effect over the reddish background.
  8. Now it’s the time to add the birds on the branches, here I have used two different birds having two opposite perspectives so that it seems that they are looking at each other. Now change the bird’s color into black.
  9. After all of this, I have added 1 snowfall overlay which I have downloaded from pixabay always download this type of overlay from this site. Now changed its blend mode to overlay if the background of the snowfall is black. if it is a PNG you can directly apply it without changing its blending mode. Now at just the opposite of the current layer according to your choice.
  10. Our picture has almost completed. Now give your final touch according to your designing thoughts.

I hope this short tutorial was enough helpful to make you understand how you can create this type of editing in Photoshop if there is any doubt while creating this type of effect you can always check out our YouTube videos.

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