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How to refine edges in Photoshop-4 Magical Sliders

How to Refine Edges in Photoshop

How to refine edges in photoshop beforeHow to refine edges in photoshop after

Swipe the slider up and down to see the before and after effect.

Hello everyone this is a challenging tasks for every designer to refine the edges of any object. But here I have main send some tricks which are already provided in the Photoshop buy Adobe to refine the ages. No I am not talking about the refine edge tool. I am just talking about 4 magical sliders by which we can get a smooth and sharp selection of edges for any objects.
Follow this article or you can check out our YouTube videos to know how to apply this trick.

How to refine edges in Photoshop CC?

Normally Select the Subject

First of all, you have to refresh select the object with any of the election to available in Photoshop. I normally use the quick selection tool for the paint tool in case of the selection of any object you can choose your tool according to your search to select your desired object.

Create Layer Mask

After making a selection around the object you have to create a layer mask into that object. After clicking on the layer mask icon you will see that the background has been removed. Now take one solid colour adjustment layer of colour black behind the current layer or under the layer of your selected object.

Double Click on Mask Icon

In this time you may notice some white outline or bumps around your object. Now to remove those thing you have to double click on the layer mask. Now you can see a new pop up box has appeared. 

Increase Smooth

where we have what types of sliders smooth, feather, contrast, and shift edge. Slightly shift the value of smooth. It will make the object edge smooth.

Increase Feather

Increase the value of feather, at that point where you found that all of those distortion and the bumps around the edge has removed.

Increase Contrast

Now increase the value of contrast you will find that the blurriness created by feather has gone.

Decrease Shift

Now decrease the value of shift age to the negative side at that point when you find that all of the noise around the object has removed.

Now Enjoy

Now here is your final output with this note and Sharp edge.

Hope this tutorial was enough helpful and informative to provide you the knowledge how you can refine the edges of any object in Photoshop. If you find this tutorial helpful then don’t forget to share this with your designer friend.

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