How to Add Text Behind Any Object after

How to Add Text Behind Any Object

In this complete tutorial I will explain you how you can Add Text Behind Any Object or how you can place any text behind any object. It is super cool to see and super easy to do, you just have to follow all of my instructions to master this effect.

Follow these steps to know how to add text behind any object :

1) select such an image where the object and the background behind the object are clearly visible.
2) next create a duplicate layer by pressing control or command j
3) now write the text you want to hide behind the object with the help of the type tool
4) now create a layer mask into the current layer for the layer containing the text
5) now you have to simply mask out those areas that should be covered by the objects.
6) do this process very gently and slowly and keeping your patience as this will leads you to have a better result.
7) after your editing will be completed you can now see that the text has been hidden by the objects in the picture.

How to Add Text Behind Any Object
How to Add Text Behind Any Object after

You can also father play with the color adjustment or hue saturation layers for the curve adjustment if you find this tutorial helpful don’t forget to share this trick ok with your designer friend.

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