How to Add Object Behind Any Text

How to Add Object Behind Any Text

Through this complete tutorial, I am going to teach you how you can add any object behind any text. As you can see the preview above the post, where is the picture is totally covered with the outline of the text water. Mega part of the background will come out of the border of the text.

If you have seen our previous tutorial where I have to explain just the opposite of today’s lesson. How you can add text behind any object. Click here to check out that tutorial.

If you have remembered, we have used the concept of layer mask in case of adding a text behind any object. And masked out those areas of the text where objects are overlapping. If you have understood the tutorial and can perform it pretty well, you may think that the tutorial and the effect was super easy to do and super cool to look at.

And you will be happy to know that this tutorial is much easier than the previous one. In this tutorial, we will use the concept of the clipping mask.

How to add object behind any text :

  1. Type your text using the text tool available in the Photoshop toolbar. You can change the text style according to your designing ideas, can I change the font type. Now we will feel the font with the object you want to you have behind this text.
  2. Now embed the picture of the object you want to place behind this text as a layer. Arrange the layer top of the text layer.
  3. Now hold the option or alt key, and hover your mouse over the current layer for the layer containing the picture of your object top of the text layer.
  4. You will see e that the mouse pointer or the cursor will change into a different one point towards the next available layer or the text layer.
  5. Now click on the object layer for the top layer of the text layer.
  6. Now you can see that the effect will look like that the object has been covered by the text.
object behind any text
How to Add Object Behind Any Text

And this was the final task to add the object behind the text. Hope you have understood how to perform this trick. If this tutorial was helpful for you then don’t forget to share this with the designer’s friends.

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