Show PSD Thumbnail in Windows 10 – Photoshop PSD Thumbnail Enabled

How to Show PSD thumbnail in windows 10

We know when we edit something in Photoshop and we want to preserve this with layers and without dress drawing the edits done in that project we must use the photoshop document file format or PSD format. This PSD format is very useful it allows us to resume our work after closing the software just by clicking on the PSD file. And it opens through Photoshop and allows us to resume from where we left off.

But it is very annoying when you found that you can’t see what is the item behind your PSD file. As windows explorer doesn’t support PSD codec by default. So if you have a multiple PST file stored on your Windows PC you can’t see the item behind your PSD file through a thumbnail. That’s why you need to install third-party software into your PC in order to feel what is your editing done by Photoshop document file or PSD file.

How to show PSD thumbnail in windows 10?

Download the PSD codec

Download the PSD codec from this given link, all the information given in this link. It will be if a file of less than 5 or 7 MB. A sufficient internet connection will be OK to download this file. You will find the PSD codec file format both for 32 bit and 64-bit devices.

Install and activate your PSD coding software.

Install and activate the PSP code for your device, in case of activating this PHP coding you need an additional license or activating code to activate the software.

Restart your PC

You need to restart your pc in order to activate all-new settings.

Now enjoy

You will find all of your PSD files are now showing the content in it, through a thumbnail.

Read this post to know how to download the PSD codec and install the software on your PC.

watch the youtube video for more

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