How to Add Design on your Dress in Photoshop

How to Design Dress in Photoshop

Nowadays it has become a trend to decorate your dress with some colorful pattern or any sticker or with some decorations.

Today in this blog I will tell you how to add a design to your dress in Photoshop. if you follow this tutorial step by step you will able to add a design to your dress with the help of Photoshop. Its editing is super easy to do and super cool to see.

See the difference between before and after

Add Flag on your Dress in Photoshop cc
Before applying effect
How to Add Flag on your Dress in Photoshop
After applying the effect

How to add design on your dress in Photoshop :

1) select an appropriate pattern or any color stickers for a beautiful design that you want to apply on your dress.
2) there are various ways to apply this pattern of design in your dress in this particular tutorial we will apply these patterns on a white colored dress. So please select a white dress to apply the pattern on the dress.
3) now select the dress for the white area of the dress with any of the selection tools available in Photoshop. I will recommend you should use the magic wand tool for quick selection tool to select quickly.
4) after that right-click on the selection and select layer via copy twice. And make two copies of the selection. In case we need more copies we will further copy this from the copy layer.
5) now paste the pattern or color or the design you want to place on the dress. Make sure that the pattern is covering each and every person of the selected white dress.
6) now clip the pattern on your dress using the concept of clipping musk. It will automatically deselect the extra areas of the pattern.
7) in case you want to make it more realistic you can use the weight transformation by clicking control ti and then right-click and select wrap.
8) in case you are facing that some details of the white dress are missing or lost. Remember we have created another layer of the dress, place it over the pattern layer, and apply the filter named high pass on it. Not change the blend mode to multiply.
9) now you can see you have successfully applied that design for the pattern on a pure white dress you may play with the blending option and the opportunity to make it more realistic.

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