How to create Photo Manipulation | Complete Guide for Photo Editors

To manipulate a photo,  the basic skill you need is imagination.  As without a good imagination you cannot think different variant of any natural picture.  so that you can make it quite natural, attractive but seem to be realistic.  Now, if you can imagine a picture like this,  then you need to know how you can shape your imagination into a visual object.  It’s quite similar to a physical painter.  At first  a painter dreams about his drawing and create a clear vision of it in his mind.  Then he draws that dream into his paper with his brush and paints.  

In the case of a digital artist he must have the power of imagination so that he can visualise  the manipulated photo in his mind.  and then you need to know how to use any designing software or editing tools. So that you can convert it into a visual object that you can share and show  others.

In this complete blog post I am going to tell you how you can  create photo manipulation  designs.  There are many beginners who want to create photo manipulation art but the thing is they don’t know the proper way,  they are very much confused to know what they have to learn and what they have to use while doing any photo manipulation.  So this post will be a complete guide for those beginners and I believe making photo manipulation is  not that much difficult if anybody knows the proper way to do this. 

  So, in this post you will get a  quick blueprint of how a photo manipulator manipulates a photo.  I will explain the full procedure  that a designer uses to create a photo manipulation while using any kind of designing software like Adobe Photoshop,  PicsArt, snapseed, Illustrator  and any other tools.  Then I will also tell you about the things you need to know while shaping your imagination into digital art. And if you are able to become perfect in  those topics, I can assure you that you will become confident while retouching photographs or manipulating photographs.

What is Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulation is basically a technique of redesigning a photo with some extra modification, so that it looks unique, uncommon and close to reality with some imaginary effects. Sometimes photo manipulation is created with a combination of multiple  photographs to create a  new imaginary photograph. That’s why post processing is required after any image is taken,  that’s why we need some photo editing tools to  do this type of photo manipulation or retouching. 

Why Photo Manipulation is trending

Photo manipulation is being popular and loved by lots of people because  it can describe a  picture beyond imagination.  It depends upon photo editor to photo editor how they can modify the  pictures and present them in a unique and artistic way.  it is like  science fiction,  where the things seem to be real but they are actually imaginary.  like this the images developed in such a way that it seems to be real but actually  a vision or dream.  That’s why people love this type of unique and creative images so much.  and this type of images are getting famous on all over social media.

Steps to create Photo Manipulation

 As I have already told you, photo manipulation is a very interesting subject in graphics designing or photo editing. In order to create a photo manipulation an editor needs to to pass through some of the stapes. Which of these steps are very much important to create a good photo manipulation.  not only that if you want to edit your photo  in a professional way  then these tips and Guides are the best way to do that.  these tips will not only help you to improve your quality but also Simplify that.

1) Dream your Art

Starting any type of photo editing or retouching you must visualise your and result in your imagination.  It is a very basic thing for every creator. As  one great person has said, Without dreaming you cannot achieve anything.  and I personally believe that it is true as  if you don’t dream that you will be a good editor then you will never try to be a good editor.  As our  desires give us the will power  that helps us to achieve our goals.  the same thing happens for photo editing,  if you cannot visualise what you want to draw then you cannot complete it properly.  That’s why it is very important that you have a proper vision of your end result.

2) Collect all pictures and assets 

If you have a clear vision of what you want to create,  then you will be able to know what you need to create  that vision.  then it will help you to collect all the necessary pictures, Objects,  effects  and other assets.  If you are able to collect all of your assets that will be needed to Convert your dream into a digital art,  you will feel the task a lot easier now. That’s why you need to  try to collect as many assets as you can. 

3)  Start cutting and joining

 Now after collecting all of the essential assets for your editing,  you need to start cutting and joining those assets  as per your imagination.  you need to place those images according to your dream.  so that you can realise  you have completed the structure of your photo.  there is 100% at  this time.  But you should place your images in such a way that all of the extra parts that you do not want to be in the final result,  would not be present there. 

4) Add the Effects and retouching

Now you should start  retouching your images in order to  to modify the Shadows,  highlight,  midtone,  and other colour properties as per your wish.  In order to add some additional effect  you may have to use some other tools of Photoshop or any other editing application like  brass tool, pattern tool, selection tools etc. Good concept about all of the photo editing tools will help you a lot in this stage.  Sometimes you have to use some of the additional tools given by  the editing applications .

5) Make realistic 

In order to get more acceptance You must design the image in such a way that it looks real.  In order to do that you must consider the physical properties.  like you cannot create a shadow in the opposite direction of the light source. The more you practice the more you get experience in this step.  and gradually you will be able to create  more accurate photo manipulation. Though it’s not mandatory that you must follow each and every rule. After all, it is an imagination. And in imagination anything can be possible. But according to me you should at least meet the physics properties, as it looks more real. And when imagination emerges with reality it becomes amazing.

6) Add Final Retouches and Checks

It is a must  follow for any editing,  to check once again your whole artwork. Sometimes it becomes quite difficult to understand the faults while editing in real time.  That’s why  I recommend taking a small break,  and checking once again what you have done in your design.  According to me it is a good way to detect the faults and mistakes in any art work after completing the whole editing.  as while editing, normally we edit our art in a non stop manner. That’s why the image drawn by us gets stuck in our head, as we are watching that image for a long time. That’s why it is better to take a short break and come again to check your mistakes.  And this makes this process quite easier.  As you can only correct your mistake once you can detect that. 


I hope this information was quite helpful for you to understand the steps you should follow if you want to create photo manipulation.  So I must say that this type of photo retouching needs lots of concentration and patience.  That’s why you should do this type of thing when you have no headache in your mind,  and have plenty of time in your hand. If you are also a photo editor and have some experience in photo manipulation,  and you think there are some more points that can be added in this article.  then please comment down below your thoughts. I will be very happy  to know that from you.

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