what happens in mahashivratri

what happens in mahashivaratri

What happens in Mahashivaratri :

Maha Shivaratri is one of the biggest festivals for all Hindus. But what strange happens in every maha Shivaratri? Very few people know about this.

maha shivaratri

Sivaratri means the 14th day of every month. That is one day before the new moon the darkest day of the month. There are 12 several trees in a year of all the Shivaratri. The Shivaratri, appears in the month of February / March. This is known as the ‘Maha Shivaratri’ because in the northern hemisphere of the planet and that day there’s a particular pull upward that every human being or every life-form experiences are certain upsurge of energies within him. Out this episode of energies can be truly made use of only by those creatures who have the spine.

what happens in mahashivratri
Maha Shivratri night pray

But exactly What happens in Mahashivaratri :

If you look at evolutionary development, you will notice that moving from invertebrate to vertebrates is one significant step and the other significant step a spine moving from horizontal positions to Vertical position. The true development of the brain happened only after the spine became vertical and the Maha Shivaratri.

The phenomenal upsurge of energy the centrifugal force of the planet Works in a particular way at this time. Just before the equinox and this force have enough food moment to have. As the yogic tradition set this up that nobody should lie down on this night your spine should be vertical so that you can make little the nature of the surge of energy so that an upward movement happens.

The Legends the lower says many Fantastic stories to impress upon people the significance of what this day is and how important it is in certain regions in Karnataka. Children are told on this night to go and throw stones on people’s homes and on that day. You can do this mischief and no crime. So children throw stones and on that day because you woke up somebody who is asleep, but it doesn’t matter if you made them sit up. That is considered a great service. So this is a day that facilitates your journey towards the opening of your third eye or a deeper dimension of perception for yourself.

upsurge of energy
upsurge of energy

In fact, you get good marks for this because you woke up somebody who is the Sleep big palooka. They can scold you. It doesn’t matter at least the setup. On this day is a natural up search in our system lying down or being in a horizontal position is not a good thing for the system. It must remain vertical tell everybody that you know, hold it in the middle. You can throw stones every hour make a call to all the people that you care for through the night.

It’s ok, but they sit up you doing a great service if you got them up. In this time everyone should participate, whether you are here or wherever you stay awake. Steric let this not be just a night of wakefulness but a night of Awakening for all of you. It’s my vision my blessings that all of you should become available to the grace of Mahadeva.

After knowing the secret we hope your next Mahashivratri will be more amazing and more exciting. Koi wish a very happy Mahashivratri to all of our visitors. So at least try to keep awake and keep others awake in this time to become strong both physically and mentally.

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