In this post, we will learn how to use object selection tool in Photoshop the object selection tool which may be in newly added features in the latest version of Adobe Photoshop CC 2020. By the name of that tool object selection tool, You can understand that this tool has the ability to select any object from any picture. And this tool is available only in the latest version of Adobe Photoshop CC.

At the top of the layer beside the lasso tool, you will find the three tools like object selection tool than a quick selection tool, and magic wand tool. if you select the object selection to one promo video will appear. Which will demonstrate to you how to use the object selection tool. You can see if you hover over of any object with this selection tool the tool will automatically select the object.

So you’ll create two sorts of selections rectangular selection and fewer of selections and sample dollars if you have more then more layer it’ll pixel samples from other layers also and the auto-enhance feature is like if there are pixel tones you’ll enhance them also an object subtract like if you’ve got mistakingly add the incorrect area or if you want to feature some area you’ll add also so these are some tools as you’ll this select subject it’ll automatically select a subject.

You’ll manually drag a rectangle or less so to make or create selection so it’s much quicker than quick selection tool and magic one tool because magic wand tool isn’t that obvious because when there are more you know that some variations in colors then it doesn’t create that obvious selection a quick certain tool is such as you can just keep dragging on your object and then it’ll create selection but this tool has changed the sport complete this.


you can create two sorts of election lasso tool or rectangle tool we’ll use the rectangle tool for this specific image we’ll also use lasso tool how it will work you only got to click and drag a rectangle around this or any of your objects you would like to pick give its little time in between seconds it’s selected this object which is clearly strawberry and how can we remove simply just create a mask and you’ll see the background has been removed.

This is often so quick and one more quick thing is that you simply can create selection but don’t you do not get to even drag something around your object you just got to attend select your tool and then select a subject it’ll automatically detect the topic and create selection as you’ll see that the selection is already married and if you want to feature this into selection mask it up and you’ll see isn’t that cool it’s nice. I actually like this tool it saved a lot of your time for our designing this is often one more thing.

Let’s move to subsequent image and this is often some real-life example and you’ll see in some cases we are selecting some portraits and that we want to create a selection, we’ll just simply go to quick selection tool if you do not have enough time and you’ll see we will add some you’ll see we’ll create a selection like this you’ll see I’m dragging around this imager the image is still not that perfect perfectly selected.

Now, what’s the right thanks to select now we will say that we will select object selection tool click select object this is often the automated tool we will drag a rectangle around it later but let’s examine if it works on this or not so as you’ll see it works a touch nice but there are some issues during this you can see some areas are extra contracted.

you can see I feel it’s nice yeah it’s nicely selected but there are some issues I do know that no problem, not every tool isn’t completely perfect as we know that so what we’ll do is we’ll use the quick selection tool and add the lifted areas like this area and that they say yes also add it already nice there are not any other issues during this image as you’ll see that it’s selected very nicely this portrait look at this background is gone so this is often how you’ll remove the background behind those images this is often what proportion powerful this tool.

After all of this let’s have a quick reminder of how to use the object selection tool :


1) select the object selection tool from the tools panel which is beside the lasso tool.

2) Hover over the tool on your object in the picture.

3) now it will take some processing time, and will select the object from that picture.

4) sometimes it doesn’t select the object accurately.

5) in this type of case we are always free to use the quick selection tool and make the selection as per how we need it.


We have also created a separate video tutorial for this you can check that out too.


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